EMAS Business School - MBA, EMBA and PGP for Working Professionals

Dual Certification Program

MBA in Strategic Management +
PGD in Design Thinking

In this program, a student will have the opportunity to earn two certifications from two different institutions as below

Get PGD from Top Indian Management School along with MBA from Top Business School in Eastern Europe.

For a Career in India, a PGD from Top Institution in Management helps while for a Global Career an International MBA will accelerate the career.

  • MBA offered by EMAS Business School, Moscow, Russia
  • Post Graduate Diploma from Premier Institute , India

This program provides a learning curve to the students that can be readily transferred into daily practices, especially in the field of human sciences. Design Thinking is about approaching things differently with a strong user orientation and fast iterations with multidisciplinary teams to solve complex problems. It is a structured methodology used by designers to develop and deliver products, services and experiences that address unsaid human needs. It is a structured approach that uses empathy and innovative thinking to solve critical business problems and deliver products and services that delight customers.

Design Thinking with Strategic Management skills can be applied to complex business problems that are difficult to decipher. Using design thinking, organizations could transform their cultures to become more innovative, which is likely to have a positive impact on their top line and bottom line. It can be applied to develop low cost working prototypes for various needs and test them in real time.

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About Knowledge Partner

Course Credit Acceptance

  • EMAS as a knowledge partner of Premier Institute recognizes the credits earned by the student as a part of their PGD program undertaken with Premier Institute. As a result students do not have to appear for the common subjects twice. The credits earned in such subjects will be considered for EMAS - MBA program.

  • Students have to successfully pass the first year which is the “PGD in Design Thinking” offered by Premier Institute. Students would then pursue the EMAS Modules related to its MBA in Strategic Management Program.

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Who should do this Program?

Any Graduate looking to acquire Design
Thinking and Strategic Management
Skill sets

Working Professionals who seek to upgrade
their abilities for a Global Career

Entrepreneur / Business Professionals
who seek success in managing their
business projects

Highlights of the Program

Dual Certifications: PGD in Design Thinking offered by Premier Institute Learning PLUS a MBA in Strategic Management from EMAS, Russia

Self-Paced Learning with Anywhere Anytime access to Virtual Campus

Live Interactive Sessions conducted by Industry Experts

Convenient and Flexible: MBA specially designed for professionals seeking successful career in Strategic Management Domain

Access to 100% Online Immersive Learning

Capstone Project: Real Time Industry Projects with Concepts put to Practice

Program Outcome

Learn to Think Critically and
understand complex business

Learn to Strategize, Collaborate for
better implementation of Strategies

Acquire Leadership skills to solve
and implement strategic
understanding to work for success
in business

Understand the Global Business
Scenario and manage the Global
Work Force

Program Structure

Premier Institute : PGD Program EMAS : MBA Program
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
Introduction to Design
Big Ideas with Design
Strategic Management 1 Strategic Management 4
Empathy with Users Prototypes of a Big Idea Strategic Management 2 Strategic Management 5
Discovery and Interpretation
of Challenges
Tracking and Testing of
Strategic Management 3
Project Work
EMAS : MBA Program
Semester 3 Semester 4
Strategic Management 1 Strategic Management 4
Strategic Management 2 Strategic Management 5
Strategic Management 3
For Second Year: EMAS MBA Module as below:
Strategic Management 1 Strategic Management. Leadership and Staff Motivation. Strategic Thinking. Creating Personal Brand of the Manager
Strategic Management 2 Strategic Management. Business Modelling. Business Analysis. Forecasting the market and the company
Strategic Management 3 Strategic Management. Corporate Strategy. Strategic Goal Setting. Formulating strategy
Strategic Management 4 Strategic Management. Determining Market Segments. Determining Market Position. Branding and Brand Management
Strategic Management 5 Strategic Management. Corporate Culture

Program Delivery for PGD
in Design Thinking

Upon registration, the Students are provided with Virtual Campus access for PGD in Design Thinking from Premier Institute for accessing the courses online within 21 working days.

The Virtual Campus would have semester wise buckets for subjects of the said program along with the content. Every subject would have various chapters with following learning activities for the students:

Program Delivery for EMAS: MBA in Strategic Management (Second Year of Program)

The students successfully completing the PGD in Design Thinking would get the access to EMAS MBA courseware through EMAS Learning Management System in the second year of the program.

The first year course credits of PGD in Design thinking are considered by EMAS for its MBA program.

Students would get access to series of Tutorial Videos for the said course. Students would need to submit the test and the projects for all the modules in the MBA program

Digital Textbook

These are the self-learning material in form of notes, which are created in simple and understandable language for any learner to get well acquainted with the topic.

G Book

Guidebook helps the learners understand the key insights which are the fundamentals of the topic in an easier and simpler language.

Practice test

For every topic, the learners can gauge their understanding during the learning process through the

Live Interactive Online Sessions

For major subjects, there would be academic doubt resolving sessions for the students. The student can attend the scheduled live sessions as published on the website. Click Here for Live Session Updates.

Assessment Method for PGD in
Design Thinking (MBA First Year Modules)

Continuous Evaluation

  • As part of continuous evaluation, the students would need to submit 1 assignments for each subject.

  • Assignments are in form of objective type of MCQ based questions which are to be attempted through the Learning Management System.

  • Students get 2 free attempts of assignments for each subject; subsequently for add on attempts students have to pay Rs 350/- per each attempt.

  • Passing criteria is 50% in each assignment

  • Assignment has 30% Weightage in evaluation process.


  • Examinations are tentatively conducted between 15th to 30th of January and 15th to 30th of July. The time-table details would be communicated to students in advance.

  • Students while submitting the project work hard copy to Premier Institute for evaluation, students should pay Rs. 600/- as Project Fees.

  • Examinations have 70% weightage in final evaluation process.

  • Examinations would be mix of subjective type and objective type of questions which student have to attempt.

  • Passing criteria is 50% for each subject in examinations

  • Students to appear for exams by paying Rs. 450/Subject per attempt

Assessment Method for EMAS
(MBA Second Year Modules)

  • Students would need to submit the test for each module along with projects for all the modules in MBA in Strategic Management

  • Passing criteria is 50% for each project and test

MBA + PGD Course Duration

Minimum 2 Years and Maximum 4 Years.

Eligibility for the Program

Minimum 50% marks in Graduation from Recognized University. In case of less than 50 % at Graduation, 2 year of minimum experience is required

Program Fee:

Plan 1

Program Down Payment
EMI Amount
Month No Cost EMI
Fees (INR)
Exam Fees Payable at
Time of Exam Additional
Total Fees
MBA + PGD 20,465 6,938 24 1,86,965 3,300 1,90,265

Plan 2

Program Down Payment
EMI Amount
Month No Cost EMI
Fees (INR)
Exam Fees Payable at
Time of Exam Additional
Total Fees
MBA + PGD 37,393 6,232 24 1,86,965 3,300 1,90,265

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