Secure your Career in Healthcare with a MBA

MBA in Healthcare is an advanced premium consulting and education program for those who need to obtain modern management skills. It’s aimed at people who work at top positions and at individuals who are not satisfied with the basic knowledge that is given by most academic business schools. Because of the medicine specialization, students are taught an in-depth course in healthcare management in addition to the full course in corporate management.

Duration :  2 Years

Program's Position in MBA ranking Worldwide 2019

# 1 in Russia among Business Schools with
online & blended learning MBA

ТОP-14 in Central and Eastern Europe
among the best МВАs

ТОP-200 in the World among the
best МВАs

The most important course for those who want to
achieve success in career and business!

  • If you want to create your own successful business or to become a highly- paid hired top
  • then you must study at EMAS! must study at EMAS!
  • The reason is that all MBAs at EMAS, independent from specialisation, have an in-depth course in
  • strategy and strategic management (it is more extensive only in Executive MBA at EMAS). This is the most important discipline for managers.
  • Unlike other business schools, EMAS is one of the best experts in strategic management.
  • At EMAS you won't study generally available basic things such as PEST, Porter's 5 forces or SWOT,
  • the information about which you can find on the Internet yourself and read anytime.

  • Instead, you will study in-depth methods, which will lead you to success in highly competitive
  • markets!

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Get Course Details


With the dynamic business world, the pedagogy needs to be evolved enabling every learner to match the expectations of corporate world.

It is possible to harness the pedagogical aspects by compelling the student through some drilling/reinforcing tutorial sessions and by encouraging students to design and practice /field/case studies to experience and acquire the knowledge.

This approach will facilitate a student to acquire a command over two major components of learning, viz.

(i) acquisition of talent and skill required for designing, devising and conducting practical/case/field studies, and

(ii) the intelligence to approach a subject critically and from a research-perspective. This approach enriches the analytical capabilities of a learner as the students’ acquisition of knowledge would be tempered with and tamed by practical experiences.


How will you benefit from studying MBA at EMAS?

100% professional and personal upgrade

At least 19 business
management skills

10 times more business connections

At EMAS you get extensive business connections with those who study online and students can seek opportunity for face-to-face interaction in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. Subject to the related guidelines. Nizhny Novgorod

3 times more effective learning compared to academic mba programs

EMAS gives you the opportunity to understand the project based learning compared to only theory based learning

overall upgrade and fast development

When our programs are updated, our graduates can access them online.

EMAS graduates'
knowledge and skills
become obsolete

When our programs are
updated, our graduates can
access them online and
free of charge. Always

Your dream career.
choose your own path

Professional skills + EMAS
support help you to choose
your own path. Manage
businesses as an owner
or employee

1 / 1,5 / 2-year long drive

1 / 1,5 / 2-year long drive
results in achieving your
life and business goals

Loyal staff

You will become a leader.
You will have a loyal and
devoted team of employees

Another Thing To Remember?

You will get the absolute best. no restrictions or compromises

MBA at EMAS will introduce you to the best business practices and standards of the leading International Business Education Associations

you will join a community of leaders

You will study together with top managers from various companies worldwide discussing the problems you encounter in your business and looking for solutions

You will become part of the community which will ensure your growth and success

MBA at EMAS will introduce you to the best business practices and standards of the leading International Business Education Associations

No discrimination

Degree and knowledge of the Online MBA graduates from EMAS are the same as the degree and knowledge of full-time on campus program graduates

You will get the most decent and affordable price

We have the most competitive prices as compared to other highly-ranked business schools in the World

Perhaps the most convenient MBA

You will have your own individual schedule. If you want to study a topic earlier, no problem! You can study it whenever you wish!

Prestigious degree

You will get a prestigious MBA degree from EMAS

Would you like to learn more and to
get a deeper insight into the program?

Then watch this short video!

Program Description

Sem I
Modern Business Organization and Management
Global Business Environment & Economics
Accounting & Financial Management
Business & Corporate Law
Sem II
Business Research Methodology
Modern Marketing Management
Information Technology for Business
Production Operations & SCM
Business Communication Skills
Hospital Planning And Management
Hospital Services Quality Management
Occupational Stress Management
Personal Care Management
Strategic Hospital Management
Sem IV
Project Work
Strategic Management-1
Strategic Management-2
Strategic Management-3
Strategic Management-4
Strategic Management-5

Dual Degree Programs

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Minimum 50% marks in Graduation or Graduation less than 50 % with 2 year of minimum experience is required
  • Duration Minimum- 2 years Maximum- 4 years

Programme Fee

Milestone Installment
1 Installment
( At time of Admission )
2 Installment
( Within 6 month of Admission )
3 Installment
( Within 12 month of Admission )
4 Installment
( Within 18 month of Admission )
Total Fees  105000

Admission Process:

Given below is the elaborate step-by-step explanation of admission procedure (Just 5 step process). After successfully filling the apply now form on your right, you will receive a call from our counsellor for free career counselling and admission process.

Free Counselling

Explore your career opportunities and know which course is the best for your career growth. Talk to our Counsellors - +91- 8484064675, Chat with them or simply apply now.


Download Application Form here & send the filled form to your counsellor or at

Fees Payment

Pay your fees in installments OR in a lump sum to get exciting offers. Convenient payments possible by debit/credit card, bank transfer, cheque, etc.


As soon as your documents are received; they are completely verified and sent for further enrollment process. For any guidance or clarification, you can call us or chat with us

Dispatch & Delivery

Once enrolled, the student ID is generated and the student kit along with I-card, admission letter and study material is dispatched via courier within 15-20 working days.

Get Course Details

Learning Resources:
For Theory Based Modules, the following learning resources would be available through the Learning Management System:

For Project Based Modules, the students would receive the guidelines along with online sessions / guidance from the project guide for the same.

a.EBook – For every sub – module within a subject, a E-book has been provided for self-learning purpose (Self Learning Material)

b.Study Guide: For every sub – module within a subject, a learning resource in form of a power point presentation (PPT) is provided which helps the student to understand the key aspects of the topic.

c.Practice Test: For every sub – module within a subject, the students have access to the practice test. This helps the student to gauge the understanding of the topic during the self-study mode.

d.Tutorials: For every sub – module within a subject the recorded sessions are provided which are in sync with the course outcome.

e.Live Interactive Sessions: For Major Subjects as per the published calendar for live sessions; an interactive online session with the faculty would be available for students wherein this can be considered as academic doubt clearing sessions.


Continuous Assessments:

  • Student needs to successfully submit two online assignments through the learning management system for every theory based subject.
  • Each Online Assignment would be having 50 questions (MCQ Type) with 2 marks each.
  • Passing Criteria is 40% in each assignment
  • Assignments have 30% weightage in Final evaluation

External Assessments:

  • Online Examination for theory based subjects would be conducted at end of the term / semester.
  • Passing Criteria : 40% (every Subject)
  • Examinations would have 70% weightage in Final evaluation

Assessment for Project Based Modules: Students need to submit the project work for every project based module in Semester 4 of the MBA program as per the guidelines provided.

Passing Criteria – The passing criteria for theory based subjects is 40% (Average of Internal Assessments and Exams). Passing criteria in Project Based Modules is 50%.

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