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Online MBA from an international university is the New Normal

2021 is the year of new advancement, and with the New Normal setting its feet not just in your personal life but also in your professional life, it has become essential to adopt the new changes. Everything is transforming from buying groceries online to schooling then; why not get a degree from the University of your Choice!

Your career is already staggering due to the pandemic, but now is the time to make it up for it and invest in yourself to up your career. But with the rise in online courses and degree, you sometimes become confused regarding which university to opt for?

Here are a few pointers that will help you see the benefits of preferring an international university for an executive MBA degree.

Time Management

The first and foremost advantage of distance education is that you are cognizant of the time as a professional. Many international universities have started online courses, which will help one to get a degree from anywhere in the world.

MBA Cohort

The main benefit of an offline or full-time MBA is that you build relationships with your colleagues or peer students and grow your network. But the benefit of working online for almost a year now has given you the idea of how a virtual meeting happens and how teams work, interact and coordinate without meeting each other. The course will give you opportunities to discuss and know your peer online.

Know the global story

Every organization is now going global; what better way than taking up an online executive MBA to understand different markets and network with foreign country's professional. This becomes a gateway to get a global role in the near future.

Learn what's relevant

PG Programs from EMAS has been designed keeping today's ever-changing business and professionals in mind through which you will be able to build an international career. There will be many project-based learning and real business scenario to practice. Strategic management is the need of the hour for any business, and EMAS give you PGP specialization to cope with today's business needs.

Harp on the new opportunities

With an international degree in hand, you have a good chance of getting a promotion. Recent research at Princeton has proven that 34% of the students who have opted for an online MBA from 75 different B-Schools worldwide have earned promotion. There is also research that states, after getting an international MBA degree, professionals have experienced a 32% salary hike.

The Russian state accredits EMAS - Eurasian Management & Administration School and all its Executive MBA Programs. A minimal number of B schools with the certified quality of teaching award prestigious degrees are evaluated within national and international rankings. As per the Best Masters & MBA Ranking Worldwide, the EMAS MBA is in the top 18 in Eastern & Central Europe. The EMAS Executive MBA is among the top 24 Executive MBA programs in Eastern & Central Europe. Both the programs are amidst the world's top 200 programs.