The rector - Eurasian Management and Administration School (EMAS Business School)

Андрей Коляда

Andrey Kolyada ( Rector of EMAS Business School )

One of the best experts in Strategic Management in Central and Eastern Europe.

Member of the Board of the Russian Association of the Business Education (RABE). The head of the Professional Standards Committee at the RABE.

Lecturer and consultant in Corporate Strategy, Motivation, Leadership, Strategic Marketing, Organizational Culture, Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM).

Holder of “Silver Feather” (leading management and business web-portal in Russia).

Best Business Trainer 2014 according to the annual HR Awards “Employer of the Year”, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

One of Top 3 Business Marketing Trainers 2011 according to Belarusian Marketing Experts Association.

Holds an MBA degree from Europa Universitat Viadrina (Germany), bachelor degree in Marketing from The Chartered Institute of Marketing – CIM (Great Britain), certificate in Management from IFL Entrepreneur AB (Sweden), Diploma in Law of European Union and WTO from T.M.C. Asser Institute, Post-Graduate Course (The Netherlands), a certificate in QRM from QRM Management Center (The Netherlands), a certificate in Management from The Swedish Institute (Sweden).

Conducted a variety of consulting projects in B2C & B2B markets.

Created and patented a comprehensive strategic management methodology as well as a variety of tools for developing and execution of corporate strategy, management by objectives (MBO), business modeling and business planning, diagnosis and management of the organizational (corporate) culture.

Author of 2 popular books on Strategic Management & Marketing as well as the series of educational and consulting programs.

As a consultant and lecturer works with by a variety of large as well as medium & small enterprises

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